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I declare as a Moment Catcher, Curiosamator and Pleasure Seeker. I’m proudly moeslem who lived in multicultural neighborhood. I’m totally 100% Indonesian both dayaknese and melayu. I actually find out I funny enough, have a friendly taste, coffee fun person, on my way Pro-Photographer, Fashion Enthusiast, love to share about my travelling, my passion and my life ( I hope you find something here).

I really love Quality Talking, everything like politics, economic, or even about Alien in Mars and star above us. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this my free-spirit blog.

Cheers 💕,


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My Personal Instagram : @mendyways

My Workart : @mdjapoto

My (unedited) post at Tumblr :

Youtube channel : MDJA Studio

and money to my bank account 😛

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