[Personal] – Follow You Heart (Passion)


Another lovely reminder!!

Passion is a word so excessively used and
almost always blindingly paired with work!

One reason I like her is, When watching her youtube, I love how she talks about her passion with blinky in her eyes! First time, I thought she got easily find her passion as fashion blogger! Well, not! That not everyone really gets what Passion is.

aku berpikir hal yang lain tentang passion, Not everyone is gifted with it. Even if, not everyone has the bravery or opportunity to embrace.

In post, “I LET MY PASSION DRIVE ME (AND WHY I THINK YOU SHOULD, TOO)”. She realize and teach me about to follow the heart. Take that leap of faith! Because Life will always offer many decisions with no guidebook on how to make the best choice. We choose! We make!

And , she did! She said “I know I couldn’t do any better if I was not following my passion”.

So… Ya, I Do! I will Let my passion drive me! And I know ,the best part, I’m already find my true supporters, my friends, so it’s must more easy right 😉

and, sekarang giliranku untuk menginvestasikan waktu, usaha, uang, darah dan keringat, bahkan tidur, sesuatu hal yang sangat aku sukai 😂, Photography and all about imaging, I want like her too, “Wake up each morning, knowing that I am on the right path!” 😊

Cheers 💕,


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