[Personal] – Real Friendship Makes Effort Feels Effortless

This blog, I dedicate this for my favorite fashion blogger Blog, Olivia Lazuardy. I love to read blog and watch her youtube. She really impressed me!

Aku suka bagaimana dia bercerita seperti teman yang berbicara kepada temannya didalam blognya. aku bahkan suka mengangguk – anggukkan kepala ketika membaca. Really, that’s spontaneous! Sangat menyenangkan ketika dia tidak hanya berbicara hanya tentang Fashion Line, but something useful! Tips and trick, yeah.. something like that! Okay, this is “3 LESSONS WHAT I GET FROM HER BLOG”


Yes, I couldn’t agree more!! This quote I got from her post “3 LESSONS ABOUT REAL FRIENDSHIPS THAT MY GIRLS HAVE TAUGHT ME”. It’s makes me remember about Bruno mars song “Count On Me

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I’ll be there
And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
And you’ll be there
‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do

Watching over her bachelor trips with her friends! This girls pop up in my mind! Yes, I have the beautiful friendship too!!

Friends.. They cherish one another’s hopes.
They are kind to one another’s dream.
Henry David Thoreau

In one condition, making friends with women it’s little tricky. Ya.. Teman perempuan yang dekat bisa dihitung dengan jari! I find easier to form friendship with men.

Dalam beberapa kejadian, aku pernah mengalami Bad-Tragedy with my closest-friend, and the end of story, I am the one will hurt and cry and ask why she did it to me, we are friend, are we?

Since that, I thought I will dont have that much hallowed go-to group of friends with whom i can talk about everything. But, now changing! I find my Females Friendship!

We can talk an hour-a day-a year … oops! 😄

Really, aku tidak pernah membayangkan akan bertemu dengan teman2 yang begitu cliche-ing! Pembicaraan dari games, lagu, make-up, liburan, motivation, buku – buku terbaru, politik, artis, bahkan hal – hal krusial yang mungkin aku tidak pernah membayangkan akan menceritakannya.

They’re present! They’re really listen! They support me through adversity! and the best part, They Bring Out The Best of Me!

Really, thanks to you Olivia for remind and realize me about what friendship i have and that I am lucky enough too to not be alone in this vast world with their present!!

I love you girls @rizkymafriza @nabilamashabii @istakhaista @nadenadyanade @cindyartha 💕 thanks for being my positive vibes 👄

Cheers 💕,


3 tanggapan untuk “[Personal] – Real Friendship Makes Effort Feels Effortless”

  1. Ah just read this, and aw! THATS SO SWEET!! I love you too, Kamendy :*



  2. Nice thought.


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