[MDjAPoto] – Why MDjAPoto?

Your first 10.000 photographs are your worst ~ Henri Cartier

I started this hobby, and now more like a passion, 5 years ago. Maybe that time, mostly based on taking many pictures, but end up looking messy! Too high contrast, too many frame and too much non-artificial looking in my pict. Mostly, yah you know. Selfie 😂

But this sage advice is from perhaps the most influential photographer and art philosopher in the history of photography. Practice makes perfect, I just be out shooting frequently and consistently in my free time. I work mostly by intuition, capturing the moment! Your photos just don’t “pop” like professional photos, so I get study about taking pictures, sharing with the pro, trying myself what i got And now still!


I am an Indonesian and PROUD! (That’s the idea)

Before any architect can build, though, needs a working blueprint. Now, I am currently build my own. I believe i am doing something what someday I will thanks for! I give my attention to is what will blossom! 🌻

I’m still on my progress but I really love my life now, it’s so different from 5years ago, looked stressed out and overwhelmed. Now I feel myself, I feel what I love, like, and hate! As you realize your own potential, you will realize the potential in others. You will start to recognize the beauty that life, you, and others have to offer. And how lucky I am surrounding by a great people who are love me. 💕 (thanks  to Allah family, friends, oppa, 🙂 #halahoppa!)

In my watermark I use two words- MDja and Poto. About MDja, I know you know where is from XD . ann I use Poto instead of Photo. Here is the reason :


1. Is an image created from photograph. based on the Greek φῶς (phos), meaning “light”, and γραφή (graphê), meaning “drawing, writing”, together meaning “drawing with light”

2. a picture that is made by using a camera that stores images in digital form or that has a film sensitive to light inside it.

I’m using a word “Poto” instead of photo on my end brand. It’s literally related to my mother tongue. In banjarnese, We use poto without “h” pronunciation, ex:

“Poto akan pang”
(Please take a picture/photo of me?)
Sounds like tagalog 🙈

So, that’s what i am going to do then, take the pictures/photo/image!

Now, I am on going build my work, so please kindly to watch me, support me, and please do something for yourself too 😘

Follow my IG account : @mdjapoto,

Tumblr : Mdjapoto

Blog : mendmermaildland.com

and YouTube Channel : MDjA Studio

Don’t forget check my next post about my genre Photos and Experiences, and find your tips there.

What Your Genres on Photography?

Cheers ❤


2 tanggapan untuk “[MDjAPoto] – Why MDjAPoto?”

  1. Keren Mendy, keep it up !!
    Keep swimming 🐡


    1. Makasih bila, keep support ya bils #kisshug


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