[MDjAPoto] – What Your Genres on Photography?

Now, I wanna talk about my hobby! Yeaaay.. you know what! 📷

I really love taking photo and sharing on my social media.  I’m a pro one yet, but maybe after read this post, you can jump over everything I used to! If you want ask anything, I will try to help you. And let’s learn together.

Ollright, you know every photographer has specialty, and it will appear on their social media, but because I’m little greedy, till now i can’t decide what my specialty (hahaha..). Well, as on my way, I will find it. Maybe you can check my social media IG @mdjapoto ,that’s so post randomly. But in this article, i want share you about what in My Gallery Photos and experience so far, so let’s check out 🙌

4. Food-Photos

Well,  i’m not soooo “food-click-photographer” But you know, I really love food. *can I marry the food?”

Travelling or Hang out, I always try a new foods in restaurants, coffee shops, or Online Delivery. As a photographer, instinct is coming out.

“It’s so cute

“Look tasty”

“I can’t find them in Indonesia”

I always say that. Even usually I just clean my dish as fas as I can. Lol 😂

But,things like , you know, embarrassing, or you too hungry, and some people thinks people who photograph everything they eat it’s annoying. So, blam! The mood gone.

Make an interesting photos need very much aspect to do, right? 😂

When i think  it twice, that’s naturally do because my common “food photography” sense not that sharp, I,m not move spontaneously. So, till now I just fulfill my desire to take a photo and save them in my roll gallery. Because, naturally, not photogenic one, say Hi to “slide-tap-show-gallery 🙈 (that’s all food blogger do, I am pretty sure!)

I physically and mentally need to take at least 5 different pictures from all angles, especially if there is good lighting. You need angles, shapes, and colors balance each other for fulfill your photogenic desire. Honestly, The process only takes a few minutes. But some people aroud us make worst. 🍃

Anyway, it’s not part to blame the others. It’s actually happen around us.

Tips : What you must to do when your friend do their passion? Just sit there looking happy and not embarrassed when they’re standing on a chair for an aerial-view. 😂   And for you : just do it! 🙈

Ah.. you know the act of taking a picture before eating — including all of the natural-light seeking and angle tweaking that goes into it — can actually make food taste better. (Journal of Consumer Marketing)

3. Landscape-Photos

Landscapes are a real favorite with photographers and it’s not hard to see why; you get to spend time in the outdoors and be with nature. It’s so relaxing.

But hard sometimes, why?

I usually get my landscape photos when I am travelling. But mostly I travelling with tight schedule and rush condition 😂

Landscape photography mostly takes a few times to observed. I think, some landscape photographers will sit for hours to get one stunning shot for the whole day. That one magic shot makes the time worthwhile.

I usually take a sunset. I really love it! And usually it’s take the time for get best beauty and drama from that. So when I have a “take-a- breath” times in my travelling schedule, I do landscapes! But, I think I need some practice, I must develop skill and  to be able capture striking photos of my own landscapes.

Tips : What you must to do for perfect landscaping? Go out, observe, feels, because The land takes time to read and to understand. Because, Landscape photo is talk about beauty and drama!

2. Potrait-Photos

This is my favorite and long-term activity so far.

As you know, it’s talk about photography of a person or group of people that captures the personality of a subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.
fortunately, I have some people around me be a nice models even myself (hahahah), and many social activities for practice. Especially, i love taking something pie-sweet like Prawedding or themed-holiday-uniform (like i usually do with my friends)

Maybe some people think,  “ah.. it’s easy to do”

Yes, i used to! But now, i will throw away that mindset! Getting great shots of people is always a challenge. Why? Because some people are considered photogenic and others are not.

People who don’t feel photogenic are already afraid of having their photograph taken, which then shows in their expression. They usually say to me

“What’s next?”
“What’s i am going to do?”

When people ask me to take their photos, I put an effort to make them better ( i still learning anywy ).

Nothing is more rewarding than creating a stunning image for someone, and they saying “Wow, I like it”!

I have one believed “dont ever blame a not-good picture to model, it’s just you

Tips : What I am going to do is how to help our subjects feel confident, and then find the angles, poses, and lighting to highlight that individual’s strengths. I try to connect with my subjects And sometimes need a time. Because when it click, they will trust me, and BOOM ! show in their expression!

Hold up talking about techniques right now, it’s depends on your practice.

1. Random-Photos (or some people say Streetphotography )

Yeah! A random shot! It’s really really my favorite item in my gallery. That’s why i called myself “moment capture photographer”

Sometimes just about finding something interesting when everything comes together in a perfect moment, and you hit the shutter. I dont know when, where, why, just feeling. Just react to what you see and generally done candidly

 “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

—Aaron Siskind

Yeah, I couldn’t agree more!

Tips : What you must to do? Feels! When your heart and eye matches, stopped by, hit the shutter! Of course, the decisive moment depends on “a photographic-eye”

It’s not something you are born with, but learn. A good photographic eye will let you get good pictures even if you are working with the cheapest camera or a cell phone camera and some people will ask “what’s the interesting?”

Of course, I on my way to develop. I’m still learning, exercising, and studying. I’m stay foolish. 😊

So Go out there and try it for yourself too!!

Cheers ❤


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  2. hi, I really love all your pictures. Could you please giving us tips n trick for street photography? I’m still new but I’d love to share beautiful things too on my blog that’s why I need tips for taking the pictures 🙂


    1. HI, I will keep for next post! Keep update ya 🙂


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